Carefree Wellness



Physical wellness is our capacity to maintain proper exercise, nutrition, and recovery. Developing this will aid us in functioning physiologically both internally and externally. Nutrition, movement, and sleep are the basic physical needs that will significantly affect how we feel and operate through each day. Healthy signs of physical wellness show low bodily tension and carry high levels of energy. How efficient and effectively can you handle your days?


Psychological wellness is our capacity to fill our mental and emotional needs. Remaining mindful, being the watcher of our thoughts, and exercising proper expression can help in creating a mind without tension, inflammation, and cognitive dissonance. This breeds clarity and increases your neural frequency. Happiness, confidence, and psychological freedom can increase cognitive function and allow us to remain present in everyday life. How well can you live in a state of conscious flow?


Spiritual wellness is our capacity to maintain harmony and peacefulness within ourselves. It is having values, a sense of purpose, and searching for a system of faith that may surpass what is scientifically measurable. Believing in a higher force and holding trust during the uncertainties of life are signs of spiritual wellness. What is your system of faith when circumstances can’t be empirically remedied?


Intellectual wellness is our capacity to learn and improve our fluid and crystalline intelligence. This is our never-ending pursuit of continuous philosophical development. The ability to think open-mindedly, put yourself in a student roll, gain knowledge, and apply it to your life is the foundation of intellectual wellness. How much are you learning throughout your days?


Social wellness is our capacity to connect and interact with others. Healthy states of social wellness include developing positive and meaningful relationships, using open communication, practicing vulnerability, and having a sense of belonging. Often ignored, we sometimes forget that humans can help one another thrive as individuals and even as a societal whole.


Environmental wellness is dictated by our surroundings and how we approach them. How mindful are you to recognize and respect who, what, where, and how you spend your time? Our environments impact our daily routines, thoughts, and motives. Improving our environmental wellness helps us grow or decay, based upon the amount of conscious effort given to the placement of yourself.



The ability to move through space pain free comes from a strong combination of flexibility, mobility, stability, and balance. All of our classes have time dedicated towards durability and increasing body awareness through intentional movement.


Creating strength through weight training, resistance work, and time under tension. Knowledge of muscle groups we are using and paying mind to them as we are lifting is essential to muscle growth.

muscle endurance:

The ability to utilize all of our muscle groups for an extended period of time will allow us to get through our long days with ease. We run through various timed sequences, focusing on proper form when we’re fatigued, and the ability to push for distances. Staying focused in the present moment will help push through the constant use of our muscles and reduce the risk of injury.


Performance in any sport requires adequate power. Explosive movements, using force, bursts of speed, and plyometrics will all increase our overall power and performance.


An essential part of our overall health, pushing our lung capacity, internal organs, and incorporating breath work to increase cardiovascular strength.