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Get Fit: Mind, Body, & Soul

All of our classes include a warm-up to get the blood flowing, improving flexibility and mobility, and reducing the risk of injury. Moving into a routine with various focuses on strength, muscle endurance, cardiovascular strength, power, and durability. We finish our classes with a cool down, slowing down the mind and heart, breathwork, mantras, and meditations.

1 on 1 Transformation Coaching – No matter your fitness level, lifestyle, or goals, our 1 on 1 is the highest level of intimacy available and will be sure to get you on the right path. Routines customized to you, health coaching and nutritional sessions, additional accountability, and structure as needed.

MetCon Class – If you’re looking to get on a good routine, build a strong foundation, improve your everyday movement, enjoy a pain-free and healthy lifestyle, this class is best for you. All fitness levels welcome!

Peak Performance Class – If you’re a former athlete looking to keep your skills sharp, or a current athlete with goals of continuing to perform at a high level, this class is for you. We will work in all dimensions of physical wellness throughout the week, and paying mind to areas of bodily tension.

Elite Athlete Class – Utilizing the most update performance training in developing both the mind and body. We focus on durability, skill work, in-season conditioning, speed, agility, strength, and power. We pay mind to players’ schedules and minimizing burnout or fatigue.

Open Activation – Downtime and recovery are where the strength comes into play. Take time throughout the week to work on your mobility, get some blood flow to the areas that may be sore or holding tension. This is an open gym style as you can show up anytime between the allotted time slot.

The Weekend Warrior Bootcamp- This class is an open game for any of our members!

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